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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 17, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you can see the guys up this right now working to try to get the roof closed up. at least before there's any more bad weather because it's just been a mess out here all over parkville they have been cleaning out. we're talking about damage that covers at least 2 to 3 or more miles in an area around joppa road. the homes were heavily damaged by falling trees. heaviest was on dixon avenue. they didn't know what hit them. just before 1:30 this morning daniel danielle's dog started barking. >> it was like a freight train coming through the house. >> reporter: it knocked a 50- foot tree but the winds didn't stop and it got worse. >> the tree went over it went up against the house. the way the tree falling down, i mean with the weight of the
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tree it started going into the house and collapsing into the house. they would have had time to get out if it wasn't 2 by 4s laying here drywall. >> reporter: all through parkville the damage was everywhere. trees ripped down power lines and power poles. cars were buried under tree branches roofs and shingles ripped off of homes and people still without power. in denise backyard a large part of the privacy fence is on the ground. a tree was ripped down of outside of one shingle their house was just fine. they consider themselves lucky that the winds or tornado spared their home. >> when you hear the stories ought throughout the city it was amazing so far only minor reports of injury, which is a miracle in itself with all this debris flying, and we're very, very fortunate that no glass was broken or no glass flew
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along with this debris. >> reporter: those guys once they got the tree off the house these guys have been really working hard on this thing. they are going to try to put the roof back up before it gets too dark. right here i'm sitting on what's probably the smallest part of the tree. the biggest part is right here. most of these homes were built about 50 years ago that's probably when the trees went up. one thing about it too you look in this area too the lights are back on. some of the folks are actually watching tv right now and the issue is is that they have the power out in this area for a long time. some of their neighbors aren't so lucky. as bge crews have been going throughout the parkville area and in the city trying to restore power that has been knocked out by this freak storm right here in november. reporting live in parkville roosevelt leftwich. >> an early morning storm
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carrying the destructive power of a tornado forced hundreds of people from their homes in the apartment complex and surrounding area. the city has begun the big clean up but many people are still displaced. the stilet up a temporary shelter at the mount pleasant ice rink. that brief but intense thunderstorm also ripped through arlington, virginia bringing down winds and heavy rains a 54 miles per hour wind gust was recorded at reagan national airport during the storm which covered area roadways with wet leaves and in some cases trees and utility lines. many people are displaced because of the storms. red cross of central maryland is stepping in but they also need your help. they are asking each person to give $10 to help fund aid for the displaced families. text the word react to 50555 or you can give them a call at the number on your screen 410- 6242000. a tornado like power,
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that's the best way to describe it kelly. we don't know for sure yet if maybe we had a brief tornado spend up on the edge of this squall line. it may well have been a brief downburst or some microburst straight line winds, or we could have had a twist in this. national weather service is out this we'll find out what they say. radar image from 1:30 a.m. this morning we're back here in the weather office watching these storms blow through. we had severe thunderstorm warnings. we knew we were getting powerful winds. we had our severe thunderstorm bug up. crystal clear now. i want to show you at if you check out our gallery right on the home page, some of these storm photos, and we want you to keep sending them in, 2 by 4 just driven through this home. this is over in dutch village area and just incredible storm photos here online. and also if you check out the weather blog page, we got a discussion going justin burke
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and i about this specific storm looking at whether or not it really showed characteristics of a tornado. you can find that again right at our web site. windy the rest of the night tonight. gusty winds out there but we don't have a wind advisory anymore. they will die off. 50s down into the 40s. we stay breezy, next couple of days we're talking about, well, sunshine and maybe a little quieter weather but it will be chillier especially tomorrow night we'll talk about that coming up. thanks a lot wyatt. checking headlines around the nation. an unbelievable moment caught on police dash cam. the driver apparently forgot to put the car in park when he stepped out rolled backwards slam into the front of a police car he hit a post and rupturing watts lines. nobody was hurt. the driver was charged with dui. >> i look at the receipt and it says (bleep) on it. >> a man in sacramento got a very unwelcomed side item at a
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fast food drive through after buying a double whopper he got a special letter. the receipt said f you not once but twice. >> i showed the guys he laughs and and was like . >> he didn't say sorry. he didn't say this will never happen again it's a mistake. >> there was no sorry i'll fix it. >> the supervisor insists the profanity on the receipt was not intentional. they called the corporate office the company will investigate the incident. we've all heard going green can help save the earth but which green choices really work better. a few minor changes can have a big impact how you can build a greener lifestyle. everybody is talking about last night's dancing with the stars competition. more on the controversy on the dance floor coming up. ♪
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. tonight's consumer alert (lost audio). >> it's a noble goal but there are so many choices it can be
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overwhelming. environmental branding experts say it can be very confusing. how can consumers be sure their choices will really make an impact? >> there is a lot of green messages out there, and it's not -- they are not always genuine. > laurie offers a few tips depo easy on the meat if every american cut out eating meat one day a year the u. s. could save 12 billion gallons of gas annually. tune up your car. tune upper could keep more than one ton of carbon dioxide out of the air and useless hot water. if you skip the hot water on two loads of laundry per week you could save the plant 5 tons of carbon dioxide each year. a 15-year-old high school freshman goes out on a jog and
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never returns home. they have never given up on this maryland cold case. one man wasn't happy for bristol palin's dancing.
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. tonight we're continuing our series maryland's cold case wes the story of 15-year-old jennifer clay brook. she disappeared one march afternoon after she went out for a jog. here's brian kuebler. >> reporter: at john carroll every year they remember the memorial is peppered with the pictures of classmates and staff that is passed on. but in a town not used to making headlines, the story of jennifer clay brook refuses to
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fade. >> it shocked me and it's still overwhelm me to think about it. >> reporter: she knew every student every staff member. jenny is more than just a memory. it was the spring of 1983. >> they were in shock, just totally in shock. >> reporter: jennifer clay brook was a mere freshman at john carroll. your typical teen always challenging her parents. constantly fought with her mother. sometimes even ran away. >> but without fail she always contacted mom. >> reporter: on the evening of march 4th, jenny told her mother she was going out for a run. at first when jenny didn't come home her mother assumed she had run away again. 48 hours passed and normal childhood indiscretion became a panic. her mother called police. for four days police scoured the town looking for jenny.
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it was only by gut an officer found her. off duty the officer close to the investigation went out for a walk near where he knew jenny's group would visit. >> he went walking in the area went in the area to an abandon property that was in close proximity to where jennifer lived and that's where he found her. >> reporter: jenny's body lifeless sitting up right against a fence strangled. >> she had died from strangulation, and then basically was left there abandoned. >> reporter: detective swam was one of the original investigators on the case. he remembers doing out to the scene. it was a cold, rainy afternoon. >> i can guarantee you that the people there that day had hoped for much different outcome. >> reporter: in the days and weeks that followed, detectives poured all their resources into finding jenny's killer. they knew jenny was running with an older crowd detectives
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tells tell us even adults. the group often partied in the very same spot jenny was found. >> immediately potential suspects began to emerge. >> reporter: detectives also looked at the way jenny was killed. she was strangled, choked to death and left in an up right position. it's usually a crime of passion often the deadly result of an argument when the killer just plain snaps. >> whatever the relationship was, something deteriorateed for that moment. and emotional levels rose to where they were out of control, and then minutes later jennifer was dead. >> reporter: but after weeks turned into months, and months into years, jenny's murder remained unsolved eventually her case went cold. >> the fact that it's a cold case means it happened a long time ago, and we don't have an arrest, but it doesn't mean that we have forgotten about her. >> reporter: sergeant swam has
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left the department and the case has been handed over to cold case detective ed smith. >> it's difficult. it's very difficult. it's an emotional thing. >> reporter: sumbithasssmith has invested himself into the case following up every last lead. he often goes back to the scene. >> we're about a hundred yards behind where the house existed on maple view. >> reporter: hoping to find answers, answers to a case that continues to haunt detectives old and new. >> we have dreams for our children, and at 15 my gosh, you're at the threshold of the rest of your life, and that was stolen from jennifer, and it was stolen from her mother. >> reporter: stolen from a grieving mother, stolen from a community that 27 years later still remembers. . >> each year when jenny's name is read and her picture is
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flashed on the screen at mass, we remember that we don't know. we don't know what happened to her. >> reporter: her loan yearbook photo a reminder of a young life taken, a story that still needs an ending. in harford county brian kuebler abc2 news. now, for complete access to jenny's case you can log on to our cold cases web site cases. there you can find the full length interviews with detectives and photos from the crime scene. if you have any information about the disappearance of jennifer we urge you to contact metro crimestoppers right away to submit your tip you can give them a call 1-866-7 lock-up. or text your tip to crimes, and you can submit your tips online just log on to metro and click on submit a tip.
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well, singer brandy earned a perfect score for her argentine tango performance on dancing with the stars but despite that she was voted out of the competition in favor of bristol palin. the studio audience gasp and brandy was in tears. lindsey davis as more. >> reporter: monday night brandy got hey praise for her high kicks. last night she got kicked off. >> i don't know how to feel right now. >> reporter: brandy wasn't the only one stunned. >> i'm so disappointed. >> reporter: brandy had 57 point. bristol had 53 even though bristol has been at are 0 near the bottom of the judge's leaderboard last night she managed to waltz her way into the final. >> i have opportunity on this show have fans out there keep voting us in. >> reporter: a man in wisconsin was so enraged he
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blasted his tv with a shotgun and sparked an all nightstand off with a swat team. >> it's crazy. it's been another one of those nights. >> reporter: the judges scores are combined with your votes to decide who gets the boot. >> people vote and their voices count. >> reporter: but online people are calling for a boycott and for bristol to withdraw. we found hundreds of messages on the dancing with the stars message board suggesting a tea party conspiracy. one viewer wrote, the voting has obviously shown it can be exude by the political party maniacs. bristol says people vote horse for her because. >> i think people are voting for us i'm relate ability they see the consistent improvement in my dancing. >> reporter: is the show about most improved or best dancer? a study outlast week suggests it could be political. republicans rank dancing with the stars as their 9th favorite tv show. democrats didn't rate it in
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their top 15. lindsey davis abc news new yor . while 24 hours of weather here in maryland and the peak of this came last night. we had a gusty windy day. it was this line we watched until 1:30 a.m. last time. most powerful radar tracking that nasty line. there's a little bow shape on the tip of this thing in the northeast part of town. that's where we got the peak wind damage and there were some severe wind damage there from that. it was a storm squall line rolling in out of the south. technically a warm frontal boundary. this is drawn as a cold front here but bottom line we saw several significant storms blow- up quickly. blowing in out of virginia and some of these did produce damaging winds and it has to be determined if those were straight line winds or perhaps
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we had a brief spin up of a tornado in northeast baltimore last night. we'll see. through the day today what pay change from they storms last night. clouds and sunshine but on the whole good looking day of weather out there. really tough to complain. our temperatures right now mid 50s. 51 out to the west. this is much cooler air that's poised to move in here over the next couple of days. tomorrow generally dry and not quite as windy. we've seen gusts in just the last hour. we've peaked around 40 miles per hour win gusts but now winds blowing around 20 to 25 out there. pretty breezy stuff. highs today running in the low 60s. so windy, but not particularly chilly. and we will see temperatures begin to taper off and get cooler next two days or so, weekend looking at probably upper 50s. satellite radar trend clear across the state now and out to the west not a lot of new active weather at the moment to our immediate west. there is another storm swirling its way back into the lower
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part of the midwestern states. bottom line is this. clear night tonight chilly, breezy tomorrow clouds will begin to roll in with there secondary of low pressure. and cool air wrapping around the system that already blew through last night. it all adds up to essentially mixed weather over the next 24 to 48 hours. some clearing at night clouds roll in tomorrow. patchy drizzle with these clouds not much rain. western maryland by tomorrow evening could face a few snow flurries out of this system, then it clears out dramatically friday. we bring the sunshine back. we'll begin to make things a little milder into the weekend. overnight tonight 38, clear, chilly and still breezy. tomorrow we go 55. clouds on the increase. could be patchy drizzle at times late in the day. tomorrow night other than just a hit or miss patch of drizzle breezy and cooler is going to be our story. we'll call it variably cloudy. sunshine should come back in force by friday afternoon.
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and saturday, sunday looking at a lot of sunshine seasonable weather in the mid to upper 50s. briefly milder early next week before we get much colder it looks like just past thanksgiving. >> all right, thanks a lot wyatt. our live team coverage on the storms that swept across baltimore continues. bge is working nonstop to restore power to thousands of customers left in the distribution from anne arundel to baltimore county in the city abc2 is your source with the very latest on the clean up efforts. plus more on the baltimore city contract votes coming up for you all new at 6:00. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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underway with hundreds of hunters hoping to being a trophy. but check out this little hunter from indiana. this is 6-year-old grace and she bagged a buck on opening day of hunting season. it was her first ever. her father held the gun for her but she pulled the trigger. wow. way to go grace. well it could be difficult to do, but if your child is suffering from an ear infection, your doctor may decide to watch and wait instead of giving them antibiotics. that story and much more coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. scores of people driven from their homes after early morning storms rock our area packing tornado like winds. good evening again i'm kelly swoope. the storm cut a path of destruction through northeast baltimore and baltimore county. roosevelt leftwich is standing by live where he will begin our


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